Thankful Blogging–Day 3: Blogging Inspiration

hosted by Parajunkee

Day 3:
Thank your blogging inspirations

I have felt like I’ve been neglecting the world of book blogging. Blogger has a weird app that doesn’t let me post as seamlessly from my phone, which means I’m way more active on Instagram where I can just snap a picture and share books with people that way.

I haven’t been inspired much this year, but I’m going to try to put more of an effort in soon and spend more time hopping from blog to blog. I don’t ever want to leave the community, but I need to make more time if I’m going to continue to blog. I mean, I’m even paying for my own books and reading through the library when costs get high. Every review you see that I didn’t buy or borrow is from NetGalley, so I’m really thankful they give me access to books I’d never get the chance to read ahead of time.

I’m thankful for Parajunkee for posting this and making it simple and easy to participate in!

What inspires you?