Thankful Blogging - Day 1: People, Places, and Things

Hosted by Parajunkee 

Day 1:
People, Places, or Things


I'm thankful for my husband always. 

I am thankful for my family and friends and social networks/technology that keeps us together. 


I recently moved from Virginia to Connecticut and I am thankful that for the military wives online who shared a site with me that listed rentals for the military and military friendly landlords. I found a gorgeous house in a beautiful town, easing our transition into this New Englad adventure. 

I'm thankful that it's gorgeous here and that I was able to keep my job with my same company and transfer.


I'm thankful that I found bookstores and have enough funds to buy all the books I want!

I'm thankful I was eligible for an upgrade on my phone and got a new iPhone. 😝

What are you thankful for?