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by Colleen Hoover

Summary: Auburn Reed has her entire life mapped out. Her goals are in sight and there’s no room for mistakes. But when she walks into a Dallas art studio in search of a job, she doesn’t expect to find a deep attraction to the enigmatic artist who works there, Owen Gentry.
For once, Auburn takes a risk and puts her heart in control, only to discover Owen is keeping major secrets from coming out. The magnitude of his past threatens to destroy everything important to Auburn, and the only way to get her life back on track is to cut Owen out of it.
The last thing Owen wants is to lose Auburn, but he can’t seem to convince her that truth is sometimes as subjective as art. All he would have to do to save their relationship is confess. But in this case, the confession could be much more destructive than the actual sin…

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I really enjoyed Confess. So far, Colleen Hoover has yet to disappoint me. (Except for that one time she recommended a book I didn’t end up liking). I wasn’t sure I would read Confess until I started following @confessyourtruth on Instagram, where I got to see the kinds of confessions people submit that inspired the novel. Apparently, the confessions used in Confess are all real and inspired the author.

I admit, I was frustrated because I wanted to know how Owen and Auburn could possibly know each other and what crazy lives they were living that they couldn’t be honest with each other about their secrets. I wanted to know their secrets, but neither of them were forthcoming about anything. Their connection to each other was undeniable, but conflict kept them from having an easy time exploring that connection.

I hate when there is conflict for the sake of conflict. I don’t like when certain things are placed just to create a plot device and be difficult. I am always amazed by Colleen Hoover’s ability to write a legitimately conflicted story. There was a really good reason why Owen and Auburn couldn’t just date and be happily ever after and I never saw it coming. With contemporary romance, I’m convinced there are only so many issues that could prevent relationships from forming and I’ve had to have seen most of them. So many contemporary romance novels are predictable, but somehow Colleen Hoover always gets me and surprises me. I love being surprised by books, especially in a genre that rarely gives me surprises.

The artwork and the confessions were a great addition to the novel. I liked how they were so easily weaved into a believable plot with characters I could root for. I loved watching the story unfold and getting the points of view of Auburn and Owen throughout.

I definitely recommend Confess. Colleen Hoover does not disappoint. Her books are amazing and well thought out. She’s one of my favorite contemporary authors. Despite reading several (almost all) of her novels, she still surprises me with her plots, which is really hard to do! Confess was a sweet and artistic romance with characters I loved.


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