Wreck This Journal - Pages 38-41: Funnel, Tear and Crumple

Wreck This Journal
Pages 38-39
Make a Funnel.
Drink some water.
Cut Out. Roll Tape. Add Water and Drink.
I did this, and then taped it back into position after it dried a little bit. It held water quite well for a minute.
"Someone feeling wronged is like someone feeling thirsty. Don't tell them they aren't. Sit with them and have a drink." Lemony Snicket

Pages 40-41
Tear Out. Crumple.
I tore the page, crumped it, and taped it back into place.
"I've also noticed that the last page is missing. Ripped out. I can't help but wonder why. I've searched through the book a hundred times, looking for other sections where pages might be gone, but I've found none. And somehow I feel cheated, knowing there's a piece I might have missed." Tahereh Mafi, Destroy Me
Not only was it really hard to rip out a page and crumple it, but it was hard to tape it back and see how out of place it looked. Immediately, I thought about Warner reading Juliette's journal in Destroy Me. How maddening is it to lose a page? I thought the quote was perfect for how I felt. 
The page is a bit plain. I should have painted it a color, then did the prompt. But somehow, I like the simplicity of it after I read the quote. There's something stark about it.

What have you done in your Wreck This Journal?

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