Wreck This Journal - Pages 30-33 Lines in Motion, Circles

Wreck This Journal
Pages 30-31
Draw lines while in motion. On the bus, on train, while walking
I drew lines with various markers and pens while walking and jumping and running through my house and yard. I'm sure my neighbors thought I was crazy. Better that than driving and wrecking my journal, right?! lol.
"Gravity is our playmate, momentum is our friend. We are blurs of motion. We are racing, and we are both winning, because we do not race each other. We race the world, and as fast as it rotates, as fast as it revolves, we are faster." Amy Zhang, Falling Into Place
It was hard to pick the right quote about lines or being in motion, but I really liked this one and it does have blurs of motion, which worked enough for me to use it.

Pages 32-33
Fill this page with circles
This is not a book quote. Instead, I picked a song quote that seemed perfect.
"Know that everything moves in circles." Incubus
I'd also like to mention that this page was really hard. It seems easy. It looks simple. But once you draw like 3 little circles, your hand literally doesn't want to make full circles and resorts to loops of cursive/squiggles. It's insanely difficult to force your hand to make tiny circles over and over again. And this page is FULL of circles. Each letter is comprised of tiny circles. I liked the way it turned out, but it's harder to read than I imagined it would be.

Have you decided to try Wreck This Journal?
Do you think it will inspire you to be more creative?

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