Wreck This Journal - Pages 14-16: Color, Target

Page 14 and 15: Color This Entire Page
I painted the pages and picked favorite book quotes about colors.
"The question is what color will everything be at that moment when I come for you? What will the sky be saying?" The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
"Things could change... Things could be different... There could be colors. And grandparents. And everybody would have memories. You know about memories. There could be love." The Giver by Lois Lowry
Page 16 and 17:Throw Something
a pencil, a ball dipped in paint.
I chose to throw dice at the target after playing a fun game (Dungeon Fighters) where you have to throw dice at the game board that is shaped like a target board.
I picked a Stephen King quote about dice as a result.
"Life is far. We all get the same nine-month shake in the box, and then the dice roll. Some people get a run of sevens. Some people, unfortunately, get snake-eyes. It's just how the world is." Stephen King
Have you decided to Wreck a Journal?
A lot of my friends have been inspired. It's a ton of fun and something creative to focus on when I'm not reading or blogging.

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