Wreck This Journal - The Beginning

I have decided to participate in the whole Wreck This Journal craze.
My friend showed me some awesome YouTube videos of the kinds of things people have done with the prompts in Wreck This Journal when I told her I was scrapbooking. I've seen it around, but I guess I didn't think there were prompts in it and I can't be creative with a blank page for some reason. I think the idea is really cool and will give me a creative outlet outside of reading and scrapbooking.

I'm going to be doing the prompts (probably in order) and you guys can follow along on my journey to complete the journal.



The First Page: My Name 


 Have you started/finished one of these yet?
If not, would you do something like this?
Come back for updates. I'll be posting every few weeks or so, depending on how long it takes for me to get some of the prompts done!

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