Top Ten Tuesday–Book Related Problems #booknerdproblems

Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have

1. I buy tons of awesome books for Kindle when they pop up on sale, but I forget about them because I can’t see the covers on my shelf. I totally need like a scrapbook photo page of books I have for Kindle.

2. So many books, but I have nothing to read! I’m staring at my TBR shelf and don’t want to read any of them.


3. I buy the first book in a series I think I will enjoy. But I don’t want to read it because I don’t have the rest or I don’t know if I want to commit to a series. But I don’t want to buy the rest of the books before starting in case I don’t like the book.


4. I’m running out of bookshelf space and my house is too tiny for more shelves. Also I’m military spouse and I’ve doubled my books since our last move in 2013. (I know, I know.)


5. I keep reading books from popular authors I already know I don’t like. (I don’t LIKE Jamie McGuire. I don’t. And I. Keep. Reading. All. Of. Her. Books. What. The. Heck.) It’s like how I hate sweet potatoes, but I try them every Thanksgiving just in case this is the year I suddenly like them.


6. I keep reading P2P Fanfiction on accident. Curse you, 50 Shades of Grey for starting a hideous trend. I pick up a book, I see tons of people reading it, talking about it, loving it, and realize it’s another romance based on fanfiction. I don’t like this at all. I try to read them, I hate them, but they are so hard to pick out on the shelf.


7. I know what I don’t like in contemporary fiction. I know that friends with similar tastes as me LOVE these things. I know I won’t like them. I keep reading books people are raving about EVEN THOUGH I know I probably won’t enjoy them. Why do I do this to myself?


8. I want to read the pretty hardcover. But it won’t fit in my purse. How do I take it to work? *Picks up book, carries it to my car separately*


9. I’m off of work and my husband isn’t home. Do I read? Write my reviews? Try to come up with other original blog content? Finally paste my blog review to Goodreads after 4 months? Put the review link in my review section of the blog? Watch that season of TVD I recorded? Do I read? Clean? Run errands? Hang out with friends? *Wastes time on Instagram*


10. I want to read a book. It’s only in hardcover. I don’t want to spend $20. But I don’t want to buy it and forget about it on Kindle. Plus I’m at the bookstore. WHAT DO I DO?!


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