Guest Post: Some Different Book Picks for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day Reads That Stray From the Norm

by Elizabeth Eckhart

It’s not news that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Valentine’s Day is not for everyone, and for those who are less than pleased with annual love-fest, we’d rather not be reminded. In fact, some of us would rather forget that news entirely. The holiday can be more than a bit tiresome, especially after seeing list after list of romantic novels, puke-worthy gift ideas, and “best of” date ideas for the Hallmark holiday. So, in dedication to all the readers out there who have no reason to be sappy this February, here’s a book list you might just enjoy:
Crap Dates: Disastrous Encounters from Single Life
by Rhodri Marsden
 For every romantic, couldn’t-believe-how-amazing-he/she-is date story, there are approximately a thousand horrible, awful, single-life stories to match it. Rhodri Marsden has sifted through Twitter to find the worst of the worst tales, and shared his collection of terrible evenings in a hilarious book for everyone to enjoy. He also offers welcome advice, between stories of terrifying apartments and dinners gone wrong, on how to steer clear of liars, deluded optimists, and other potentially horrifying partners. This collection of nightmarish experiences will undoubtedly entertain anyone who has had their fair share of awkward dinner dates.    
Paper Towns
by John Green
 Yes, this book isn’t necessarily anti-Valentine’s, but it is a non-typical YA romance, and for that it must be praised. John Green is quickly becoming the king of YA, and in the past, he’s done so with tearjerkers such as the famous Fault in Our Stars (good news for Green fans, the film is finally on demand - see here for more info - or on DVD). It’s no surprise that since this novel was so successfully turned into a blockbuster, Paper Towns is set to follow the same path. This time, Green’s latest production will feature the talented and hilarious Cara Delevingne, and is thankfully, in both the novel and soon-to-be film, about friendship, adventure, and growing up – a welcome change from his previous works.    
Idiots in Love: Chronicles of Romantic Stupidity
by Leland Gregory
 People in love can be dramatic, there’s no denying this. In rom-coms and Danielle Steele novels, the frantic, melodramatic actions and impossible feats to display loyalty and affection are dubbed romantic, but in reality, these incidents are the result of plain stupidity. Comedian Leland Gregory discusses knee-slapping moments, including choking on wedding rings or divorcing 90 minutes after marriage. In the end, this book will remind readers that remaining single might just be safer...
Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date
by Katie Heaney
 Never Have I Ever is a true memoir by Katie Heaney, who at 25 has a great group of friends, a happy family life, and a college degree. She has not, however, ever had a boyfriend. In fact, she’s technically not even made it to a second date. Throughout this laugh-out-loud memoir, Katie describes her failed crushes, her romantically successful friends, and the strange, confusing realm of modern dating. While this book will make you laugh, it’s also clarifies that the eternally single aren’t flawed in some way, it might just be that the current dating world doesn’t play to their strengths! And really, who needs a significant other anyway?
Cats are Better than Men
by Beverly Guhl
 Despite the title, this book is truly not man-bashing at all. It’s more about the fact that a cat is probably better than a less than stellar significant other. From never being accused to being too emotional, and never being critiqued about your weight, your lack of cooking skills, or anything else, Cats are Better than Men is a cutely delivered and adorably illustrated testament that women should never settle for less than what a cat can give. After all, if you can truly justify your cat over your current partner... chances are you’re better off getting another cat.
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