Review–The Queen of Zombie Hearts (White Rabbit Chronicles #3) by Gena Showalter


The Queen of Zombie Hearts (White Rabbit Chronicles #3)

by Gena Showalter
Summary: I have a plan.
We'll either destroy them for good, or they'll destroy us.
Either way, only one of us is walking away.
In the stunning conclusion to the wildly popular White Rabbit Chronicles, Alice "Ali" Bell thinks the worst is behind her. She's ready to take the next step with boyfriend Cole Holland, the leader of the zombie slayers…until Anima Industries, the agency controlling the zombies, launches a sneak attack, killing four of her friends. It's then she realizes that humans can be more dangerous than monsters…and the worst has only begun.
As the surviving slayers prepare for war, Ali discovers she, too, can control the zombies…and she isn't the girl she thought she was. She's connected to the woman responsible for killing—and turning—Cole's mother. How can their relationship endure? As secrets come to light, and more slayers are taken or killed, Ali will fight harder than ever to bring down Anima—even sacrificing her own life for those she loves.

Source: I purchased a hardcover.

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So I’ve definitely been devouring some Gena Showalter lately. I love her books and I was eager to read the conclusion to the White Rabbit Chronicles. Book two was emotionally heart wrenching and I figured this last one would be equally heart wrenching, action packed, and awesome.

Gena Showalter manages to flawlessly execute the teenager-ish narration, while still keeping the book readable, dark, and emotional. It’s a perfect blend. Though sometimes Ali could be a bit over the top, her character was most definitely believable and obviously young, but also managed to worm her way into my heart, which is difficult to do. The author did an incredible job with Ali and she is by far my favorite teenager narrator who is teenager-y and ridiculous. I usually HATE those kinds of main characters, but I love Ali.

So much happened in the final installment. Ali learned quite a bit about her lineage and talents, continued to be one of the most unique slayers, struggled with her jealousy, fought endlessly with Cole, seduced (or tried to seduce) Cole, and fiercely protected and defended her friends. She battled with herself, Witnesses, zombies, Anima, enemies, and the visions with Cole. It was an epic conclusion.

Lives were lost, which surprised me. It is a very brave thing to kill off important supporting and major characters, but I respect authors who have the balls to do that. Considering just how many amazing characters were in the series and the nature of their zombie slaying, I imagined some of them wouldn’t make it through the fighting.

The Queen of Zombie Hearts was an incredible journey and I loved it. It was probably the most complicated book in the trilogy and much more of a roller coaster ride. I loved the way it ended.
My copy also included a scene from the second book from Cole’s point of view, which was awesome. I rarely read extras, scenes, sneak peeks, or any bonus material, but I enjoyed the “breakup” scene in book two from his point of view so much! It made me want to reread the whole series again, even though I literally just reread book 1 and 2 before starting The Queen of Zombie Hearts.

There are times when reading the White Rabbit Chronicles is embarrassing as an adult. I mean, the characters are such teenagers. The way they talk, the way they endlessly ache for attention, the way Ali fights with jealousy, despite the way Cole treats her. It can be maddening. This series is one of those ones on my shelf that I don’t usually recommend to other adults and kind of cringe at. But it doesn’t stop it from being addicting, captivating, and awesome. Despite the drama and the craziness, there’s something I just LOVE about the books.


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