Review–The Curse Breakers (Curse Keepers #2) by Denise Grover Swank

The Curse Breakers (The Curse Keepers #2)
by Denise Grover Swank
Summary: For more than four hundred years, the Curse Keepers guarded the barrier between the human and spirit realms. All that changed the day Ellie Lancaster met Collin Dailey. Prophecy demanded they defend the world from evil?even as it ignited a passion that threatened to consume them both.
Now Ellie faces a frightening new life, abandoned by the man she loves and tormented by malevolent spirits unleashing their vengeance upon the earth. Her only shot at protecting humanity?and herself?from the demon scourge is to claim the mark of the god Ahone as her own. Finding it means trusting Dr. David Preston, a handsome professor of Native American studies whose skepticism is surpassed only by his attraction to Ellie. Together they must finish what the Curse Keepers began, defying the forces of darkness to face hell on earth?and unlock the truth of Ellie's destiny.

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I liked the Native American aspects of the first book, but my biggest issue with the story was the nonsense between Ellie and Collin. Both of them were immature and seemed to think dealing with their own hormones was more important than dealing with the whole curse thing. I thought book two would explore the plot a little bit more, especially because of the ending of the first book.

In The Curse Keepers, I understood Ellie’s naivety. Not only did she not believe the curse, certain events created a situation where she completely forgot any and all details about the curse. The fact that she was floundering throughout the first novel was actually believable. I just hated the way the story revolved around Collin and Ellie and the way their tension (which was semi interesting) turned into completely love and devotion so quickly.

In The Curse Breakers, Ellie is almost unbearable. She felt betrayed by Collin, but I think it’s kind of obvious that he still cared about her, was still trying to protect her, and they could probably work out their issues together maybe. Ellie cut him out of her life completely, despite knowing NOTHING at all about the curse still. She needed to know what Ahone’s mark was, she needed protection, and she couldn’t afford to waste time. But what did she do? Wasted time instead of just dealing with her emotions and putting them aside to save face with Collin.

She was literally running out of time before people she cared about and herself would be in danger and she just walked around taking her sweet time, being difficult, refusing to deal with Collin, and teaming up with other people who might be able to help her. It was maddening. I hated The Curse Breakers a little bit. Ellie was so immature and the fact that she just hopped into another relationship made me crazy. I might have felt bad because Collin was such a jerk to her in the first book, but I honestly feel like she was worse in in the second book since she didn’t have someone telling her to stop being such an idiot. I needed Collin there to at least voice my own opinions.

I also had some issues with Ellie always finding herself in dangerous situations involving rape. It’s like everyone she doesn’t know is dangerous and will attempt to rape her. And the pull of her soul towards Collin’s creates a situation where they get dangerously close even though she doesn’t want to. Even the gods want a piece of her. I’m not one of those readers who gets bothered by violence, danger, or rape, but I do kind of think it’s ridiculous how many times Ellie almost gets raped in this book. There has to be some other plot device besides rape and animal sacrifices that happen in this story.

I will read the next book because I have it, but I don’t have very high hopes. I don’t know how Ellie will redeem herself and I don’t think I’m supposed to dislike her this much. She treats everything like it’s no big deal and wants to figure it out all by herself, but she knows it’s a big deal.


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