Review–Everlasting Love (Sulfur Heights #6) by M.S. Brannon

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Everlasting Love (Sulfur Heights #6)

by M.S. Brannon
Summary: “I’m surrounded by my family. I've been their protector, counselor, and leader. I was forced to be strong for them. But now, it’s my time to be strong for myself.” ~ Reggie Evans
Five years later…
The Evans family has experienced their share of heartache and trauma. Individually, each has faced the darkest days from their past to move forward with their lives. Today, they are stronger than ever. They have discovered the strength to move forward. Survive anything. Endure all.
Each Evans brother has moved past the turmoil surrounding Presley’s death and Jeremy’s
incarceration, finding the love of their life and living in happiness for the last five years. Together, they have grown, wounds have mended, and there is nothing standing in the way of their promising futures. That is, until a villain from years ago comes from the shadows, upsetting the family’s blissful existence.
Once again, the family is divided, each brother forced to evaluate how crucial it is for them to stay together in Sulfur Heights or face the reality of leaving to survive on their own.
Everlasting Love is ultimately what the Evans brothers have been searching for their entire lives, but will it be the path fate has planned?
**Mature Content Warning: 17 years and older for language and sexual content.**

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Everlasting Love was the emotional conclusion to the Sulfur Heights series. Throughout the series, each Evan’s brother met his match and fell in love. Every brother and their women had their perspectives and the series has followed one long timeline ending with Jeremy’s story in book 5. Everlasting Love gave each character a voice and took place a couple of years after the end of Redeemed Love.

 What a conclusion!

The book began with Darcie and Reggie, two points of views I was looking forward to. Years have gone by since I last took a trip inside their heads and saw things from their points of view. They are some of my favorite characters in the series. I like the way they look at things and I think I’ve always seen their point of views and related more to them. I also like that Darcie isn’t a mom. She does things for Reggie and herself and isn’t saddled with the extra problems that come from having children. It makes her a much more relatable character to me since I don’t have kids, either.

Every character had a major decision to make in regards to their future and it all began with Reggie and Darcie, the tragedy they faced, and the decision they made as a result. Jeremy and Cami were faced with a similar decision based on similar events, and each Evan’s brother found himself in the same spot. I loved how their situations were all unique, yet the decision they had to the make was the same.

What was shocking to me was that in Everlasting Love, the bad guy.. the brother causing the family grief and pain.. was not Jeremy. It was Jake. He was one of the more lighthearted and funny characters who always had something to say, but wasn’t all violent and brooding like his twin. Unfortunately, the decisions of the rest of the family impacted him in a way that no one could have predicted. He was experiencing problems that no one knew how to deal with and he lashed out.

I think I needed Everlasting Love because I’ve never really liked Darcie all that much. I mean, I liked her, but she’s definitely been my least favorite character (well, after Presley) in the series. She was just too… beauty pageant and bubbly for me. Years after she met Jake, though, she was a tough mom and a source of support for all of the other girls in the series. I enjoyed her character a lot and I’m glad I got so much of her in this book.

Everlasting Love was an emotional book, not just because it was an ending to the series, but because it was full of traumatic events, heartbreak, turmoil, love, hope, redemption, and tough decisions. I loved it so much and I’m glad it ended the way it did. It was such an amazing conclusion to the series and I feel like I got so much closure now that I know the remaining characters are safer.

I love this series, the seedy setting, and the flawed, but lovable characters.

I’m so sad the series is over, but I have ZERO complaints about the way it all ended. Even if my favorite character was a gigantic asshole for literally the entire book.

 I highly recommend every book in the series if you’re a fan of gritty contemporary romance. I have tried to fall in love other seedy settings and bad boys with soft spots, but no one comes close to the this series for me. And if I’m being honest, most of them are kind of awfully written and I don’t understand how they’ve made it on to any bestseller lists when this series isn’t as popular! (I am not afraid to say that Travis Maddox and any of his brothers are no match for the Evan’s brothers.) I’d love to see this series on the shelf at Target like so many other romances because it’s well written, addicting, and full of drama, grit, and romance.


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