Review–Redeemed Love (Sulfur Heights #5) by M.S. Brannon


Redeemed Love (Sulfur Heights #5)

by M.S. Brannon


“Who am I? For all intents and purposes, I am the nice guy; the loyal brother and decent citizen. I am quiet and non-confrontational. I am the brother nobody worries about and can always depend upon. To my family, I am the good one. However, that’s only what they see on the outside.”

Outwardly, Jeremy Evans is a typical guy, the calmest of the Evans brothers. He’s obsessed with cars, enjoys the company of beautiful women, and is devoted to his family. Inwardly, however, Jeremy is a ticking time bomb. Torn between what’s right versus what’s wrong. When the attempted rape on Darcie occurs, Jeremy finally loses the battle within himself. The pure hatred for Sulfur Heights consumes him and escape is all he thinks about.
One year later, he is secretly engrossed by the drug-infested underworld. Jeremy’s double life leads him on dark and sinister paths of drugs, violence and rage.
The Evans family is destroyed after Presley’s murder and consequently Jeremy’s arrest. He’s sent to prison where he’s forced to survive with the mistakes he’s made on his conscience. However, only one thought lingers. It consumes the years he spends locked in a cell. Retribution.

Cami Ryker used to have a picture perfect life. She was loved by her family and happy with her life until her brother’s sudden death tore her family apart. Cami is forced to care for her ailing mother and assume the responsibilities of a normal adult. However, when the bills are paid and her mother is tucked away for the night, Cami likes to cloud her mind in order to escape her daily struggles. Late one night, a stranger trolling the streets rescues her in a dark alley. The mysterious stranger will become one of the most important people in her life until the day he’s sent to prison.

Four years later, Jeremy is released and seeking redemption for his mistakes, but the betrayal is still thriving amongst the Evans family.
Will Jeremy finally find the solace within to gain the forgiveness from his family that he desperately craves? And is it possible for Jeremy to save those he loves and exonerate himself in the process?

**Mature Content Warning** 17+ for language and sexual content**

Source: I read a beta copy of the book provided by the author in exchange for feedback and an honest review.

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***I acknowledge that I read a beta copy of the book before editing and the final copy will have changes.***

Redeemed Love was awesome. I never would have imagined that Jeremy would have such an interesting life. Much of the beginning of the novel took place before even the events of Tragic Love, so to think that Jeremy was involved in some of the things he was involved with while we’ve been enjoying everyone else’s story was kind of crazy. I think we were all kind of blindsided by the events of Tragic Love and Jeremy’s involvement in that. We wanted his point of view and that’s exactly what we got in Redeemed Love. His story was full of violence, murder, mayhem, loyalty, and love. I loved it.

I think Redeemed Love was a lot longer than the books in the rest of the series, but the timeline was a lot longer, so much had to be said. M.S. Brannon delivered in this book because I think we all wanted to know everything about Jeremy after what happened in Tragic Love. What happened to lead up to that? What was going through his head? How was prison? Had he changed? What was he doing? The author gave us the answers we wanted and a love story that rivaled the others. I loved getting Jeremy’s point of view before getting arrested, but I loved seeing him get out of prison and adjust as well. How would he cope with the family, especially with Drake? How would the Evan’s heal?

Redeemed Love is Jeremy’s story as we never expected. It made me gasp, cry, laugh, and it tore my heart out. Hands down, Jeremy is the most interesting member of the Evan’s family (but Jake will still be my favorite and I loved his character in Redeemed Love, too.) He was violent and caring at the same time, much more so than any other brother. His love story was dangerous, passionate, and definitely exciting.

Once again, M.S. Brannon created an amazing story. Not only is the romance hot and steamy, the action violent and twisted, but the Evan’s family captivates me completely. Watching the way they all interact with each other, the way the love each other, and the way they fight each other keeps me coming back for me. The Evan’s family is unique and they are what sets this New Adult Contemporary Romance series apart from other novels in the genre.

I cannot wait to read the finished copy. I highly recommend this series. It is gritty. The characters are far from sophisticated. They fight, the cuss, they hurt others, but they love with a fierceness that baffles me and I love them for it. This series is unforgettable and Redeemed Love may be the best novel in it yet!


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