Review–Supernaturally (Paranormalcy #2) by Kiersten White


Supernaturally (Paranormalcy #2)
by Kiersten White
Summary: Evie finally has the normal life she’s always longed for. But she’s shocked to discover that being ordinary can be...kind of boring. Just when Evie starts to long for her days at the International Paranormal Containment Agency, she’s given a chance to work for them again. Desperate for a break from all the normalcy, she agrees.
But as one disastrous mission leads to another, Evie starts to wonder if she made the right choice. And when Evie’s faerie ex-boyfriend Reth appears with devastating revelations about her past, she discovers that there’s a battle brewing between the faerie courts that could throw the whole supernatural world into chaos. The prize in question? Evie herself.
So much for normal.

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Supernaturally was great! I loved that it picked up shortly after the events in Paranormalcy. Evie was leading a fairly normal life, but she still had tons of excitement going on. Nothing was dull about Supernaturally, which was great. It didn’t suffer from second book syndrome, although there were some moments were I wondered where the plot was going.

I really liked the internal conflict in Evie in this book. Sure, she was living a normal life with a locker and everything, but sometimes she wondered if this was it. Lend was off at college, she was working in a diner and forced to wear a cow print uniform, and she wasn’t terribly good at being normal or at excelling in normal things like sports and school and friendships. She had her moments where she wasn’t really disappointed, but she was disappointed by her life at the same. She didn’t want to lose what she had at all and kept her complaints to herself. I liked the struggle because I thought it was realistic due to how she grew up. Of course, normalcy didn’t last long in Evie’s world and she was once again thrust into a supernatural mystery. She was struggling with decisions and choices a lot in this novel because she wanted normalcy, but she also wanted to be good at what she was good at, which were all things paranormal.

I think the thing I love the most about this series is the unpredictability of it all. Evie seemed a bit whiney and she started making bad decisions and kept important things from people she cared about because she didn’t want to upset them. I thought maybe things would spiral out of control, but Evie surprised me many times. I was on the edge of my seat a lot. I worried about second book syndrome and I thought I knew where things were going and then they didn’t go that route. I worried about Evie’s decision making ruins her relationship with Lend and there’s some sort of terrible new guy and no more Lend? I hate when books do that to me! But Supernaturally kept conflict alive without resorting to new romances or anything crazy like that.

I loved the way it ended and I can’t wait to pick up the last book. I really enjoy Evie’s personality and following her paranormal adventures, even when I don’t always agree with her actions. I definitely recommend the series!


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