The Fool’s Challenge–Day 9: Reading Problems

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Day 9 – What you consider “serious” problems in your reading life, but non-readers would just think you were mental if you spoke them aloud.
Not having enough time to read all the good books in the world. As much as I read, people think I’m insane already, but if they really knew how much it bothers me that I will die before I’ve experienced all the great works of art in literature, they’d back away slowly.

My dilemma to buy the book in hardback, paperback, or Kindle. I like paperbacks to read, I like hardbacks on my shelf, and I like Kindle books because of price and quick delivery. Will I love the book enough to want it on my shelf or will it be a book I need to read, but will regret that it takes up space in my limited library?

Figuring out what to rate a book. Picking a rating that is fair and honest can be hard. It matters a lot to be to always be honest with my reviews, but I also want to figure out what kind of people might like the book. If I hated a book, but see potential or know I didn’t like it for personal reasons or something, I try to rate it a star higher so that I’m not being totally unfair.

Understanding the Indie book market. Most people who don’t read often don’t even know there is a difference. They see so many 99 cent novels on Kindle and just assume anything that is 9.99 must be outrageously priced. There are tons of issues involving Indie novels. They are unfairly judged, but there are a lot of unedited and horrible novels being uploaded to Amazon. Figuring out which books will be good and which ones to steer clear of is an art. I support Indie books and authors, but I think it’s a bad idea to ignore the fact that so many indie books are ruining the reputation of the entire market.

The problem of what to read next! Yes, I have probably a hundred TBR books. There is no shortage of books to read, but what am I in the mood for? It’s tough. When people give me books to read, they know I read so quickly and so many books, so they can’t understand why I haven’t read their book yet. But figuring out what to read next is a major decision. It matters what mood I’m in because if I read a Sci-Fi, but I was really in the mood for a fun romance, I won’t be giving that Sci-Fi novel 5 stars even if I’d love it next week. This issues mixes with my rating a book fairly dilemma.

Balancing my reading life with the rest of my life. I have to manage work, video games, tv shows, movies, spending time with my husband, communicating with friends, enjoying other hobbies, working on stuff with my husband in the garage, cooking, and getting enough sleep while also reading and reviewing and managing my blog. Just because I read a lot doesn’t mean I read all day. I make time for everything and it’s definitely an art. If I show up 20 min early to work, I know I can get another chapter in. I am committed to being a reader, so I always make time.
I’m sure there are other problems I can’t seem to think of right now.

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