The Fool’s Challenge–Day 6: Book Crimes

hosted by Parajunkee
Day 6: What do you consider the most “heinous” crimes committed to books or book readers?
Crimes Readers Commit:


dog-earing the pages

water damage

dirt and stains

broken spines

smoking around books, especially cigars

keeping or putting books in direct sunlight

putting open books with the pages down on a surface to hold their place. It’s terrible for the spine.

These crimes are more serious when they are being done to books that aren’t yours. You shouldn’t do things that damage the book and ruin them over time. It’s a shame and it prevents books from being loved over and over again!

Crimes Authors Commit:

Not getting editors Not only does that behavior ruin their books, it ruins the reputation of other books in that category (like all indie novels). Also, if the best authors in the world need editors, not getting an editor is foolish.

Picking horrible covers for novels is another book crime committed by authors. We all have eyes, including the author. We can all tell when a cover is bad.

I think these two crimes are done most to save money, but the authors would make more money in the long run if they edited and chose professional covers. The books would be presentable and wouldn’t soil the reputation of other self published novels and authors.

Other Crimes:

Judging all e-readers based on you reading on your phone or tablet. It’s really not the same as owning a real e-reader.

Turning a good book into a bad movie.

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