The Fool’s Challenge–Day 4: Foolish Acts in Pursuit of Books

hosted by Parajunkee
Day 4: Most Foolish Act I’ve Committed for a Book
Buying sequels without reading the first book.
It’s the ultimate conflict. I hear good things, so I buy book 1. I assume I’ll love it and die without ordering book 2, so I get ahead of myself and buy the sequel. I have the money now, so I might as well. Right?
Most of the time, it works out great. But there are times where I could just bang my head against a wall because I spend money on books when I loathed the first book. Now I have these stupid sequels hanging around!
I’m determined to fix this and have created a plan. For many series on my bookshelves, you’ll notice I’ll own book 1 or 2 in physical form, not anything else. To fix my book buying issue, I’ve decided to only get the first book of whatever series I want to read and then if I need the sequel so badly, I can buy it on Kindle and get it instantly.
It’s foolish to buy an entire series without knowing whether or not you’ll like it!

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