The Fool’s Challenge–Day 3: Books > People

hosted by Parajunkee
Day 3: Be a “Fool for Books” and discuss why you like books more than people.
Let’s be clear… I like books more than SOME people. I really do love the people that are close to me and they are always going to be more important than books.

But I definitely prefer books to some people and here’s why:

I don’t have to control my facial expressions. My facial expressions are nearly impossible for me to hide. It’s always quite obvious what I’m thinking, especially if what I’m thinking is “What the F?” It’s the most difficult thing for me working in customer service. It’s very hard to for me to control my expressions and when I read, I’m free to make all the faces I want.

Fictional characters aren’t as stupid and unmotivated as average people are. I read a lot of YA, so I do encounter characters who make terrible decisions, but I’d still defend them over the average person. I mean, I don’t typically read books about high school dropouts, 20 year olds who still live at home, people who don’t know how to manage their money, people who never learn anything, people who can’t drive, or people who generally walk around ignorant. Characters tend to be more focused on things that matter, while regular people make decisions based on what looks cool. Usually, the fictional characters I read about are only ignorant to their surroundings if they live in dystopian society and that’s the point of that society being the opposite of ideal. I haven’t really encountered a story that I remember where it’s okay to be stupid (where the general theme remains that way) and I feel like the average person walks around in that sort of world.

Fictional drama is much more exciting than real life drama. I don’t surround myself with dramatic people because they drive me crazy. And it’s usually all superficial drama, anyway. That’s why I don’t watch reality shows. I prefer my regular life to be as drama free as possible. But give me a story where the main character’s drama involves supernatural beings, a dystopian society, or some epic fantasy/Sci-Fi element, and I’m all in. Those are.. you know.. actual problems. So-and-so talking smack about what’s-her-face behind her back is not an actual problem.

Books don’t demand attention. I’m an introvert. Social interactions exhaust me. I have to work up the energy to deal with people and when I’m not working with people, I’m home trying to relax. It’s difficult to maintain friendships, especially when I move all of the time. It’s even harder to get out there and make new friends and then hold on to them. However, I can pick up a book at any time. If a book turns out to be dumb, I can just grab a new one. There’s no awkward moment because books don’t get mad when I can’t hang out or replace them with better books.

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