Top Ten Tuesday–Authors I’ve Never Read

hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
Top Ten Popular Authors I've Never Read
1. Isaac Asimov
I have yet to read all of his awesome robotic science fiction novels…
2. Jane Austen
I’ve only read the version of Pride and Prejudice with zombies.
3. Debbie Macomber
One of the more popular romance authors I’ve never read.
4. Jack Kerouac
Somehow, I’ve never picked up his books!
5. John Grisham
I’ve seen just about every movie based on his books, but never picked one up.
6. Dan Brown
I hear mixed things about his books and they’re not really my kind of thing.
7. Leo Tolstoy
I’d read them.. but they just look so daunting!
8. Janet Evanovich
She’s got a million brightly colored novels that I’ve never even looked at.
9. Agatha Christie
Mystery novels really aren’t my cup of tea, but you’d think I’d read the classics!
10. Michael Crichton
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard how wonderful his books are, but I’ve never read any.