Review–Reprisal (The Time Weaver Chronicles #3) by Thomas A. Knight

Reprisal (The Time Weaver Chronicles #3)
by Thomas A. Knight
Summary: After closing the rift between Earth and Galadir, Seth Alkirk disappears, leaving the world of Galadir in a troubled state. The remnants of the Findoor army, led by Malia, flee into the west after the dark wizard Grian usurps the throne of her kingdom.
Grian is the most dangerous threat the people of Galadir have ever faced. To the west, he invades a neighboring kingdom with a massive army of undead. Narshuks to the south are dying of a disease unleashed by Grian. Wizards to the east struggle against his wraiths to hold on to their stronghold and the libraries within.
When Seth reappears, everyone turns to him for salvation. With the weight of an entire world yet again on his shoulders, Seth hatches a plan to show Galadir that they can fight for themselves.
However, Seth doesn't know Grian has finally found what he's been looking for. As he prepares for his final assault on the east to capture what he seeks, all of Galadir confronts him, brought together by a mysterious force. But is it enough? Alliances will be broken, new friendships made, old ones rekindled, and nobody will ever be the same. The battle for Galadir has begun.

Source: I received a copy of the book for Kindle by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Release Date: March 3, 2014!  


The conclusion of the Time Weaver Chronicles, Reprisal, was epic, adventurous, and satisfying. The closure of the rift in book 2 should have set things right, but it did the opposite. Galadir was in a horrible state of chaos and danger and, of course, Seth had the difficult job of figuring out how to make things right.

I loved the events of the novel, especially those that took place in the land of Galadir. There were so many moments where I didn’t know what would happen next and if important people would die because of miscommunication and distrust. It was definitely thrilling. Parts of the novel also took place on Earth, since Seth had the ability to teleport back and forth without consequence.

I really enjoy the land of Galadir and the way the author created a wonderful setting. I love the way the world works and how the natives speak. I feel right at home in his fantasy world and I care about the characters. However, as with the first novel, I felt less at home back on Earth. The moments on Earth were clumsy and clunky. The interactions between characters felt awkward and unbelievable to me, which was a shame because I enjoyed seeing those from Galadir get used to the way Earth works with all of the technology. These moments were the only ones that pulled me out of the story a little bit. Fortunately, not much of the story actually took place on Earth. Most of the scenes were short, also. The majority of the plot focuses on the land of Galadir, which is why I rate the books so highly.

I loved the way Reprisal ended and thoroughly enjoyed the chaos, war, and drama between the characters in the land of Galadir. I highly recommend The Time Weaver Chronicles to anyone who enjoys fantasy. The books are fun, adventurous, and well written.


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