Review–Teardrop (Teardrop #1) by Lauren Kate


Teardrop (Teardrop #1)
by Lauren Kate
Summary: Never, ever cry... Seventeen-year-old Eureka won't let anyone close enough to feel her pain. After her mother was killed in a freak accident, the things she used to love hold no meaning. She wants to escape, but one thing holds her back: Ander, the boy who is everywhere she goes, whose turquoise eyes are like the ocean. And then Eureka uncovers an ancient tale of romance and heartbreak, about a girl who cried an entire continent into the sea. Suddenly her mother's death and Ander's appearance seem connected, and her life takes on dark undercurrents that don't make sense. Can everything you love be washed away?

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Teardrop had quite an interesting premise. I was looking forward to a new mythological plot that I don’t see every day. Unfortunately, Teardrop was disappointing. It was long, without much action. It was predictable, so I was waiting for Eureka to have her eureka moment (haha) instead of being genuinely surprised by the direction of the story.

I’m starting to think that I am too old to be reading Lauren Kate YA books. That’s how I feel when I read them. I find it so difficult to connect. The characters, their actions, and the way the interesting plot actually unfolds is so ridiculous to me that I give up. I disconnect on purpose because I don’t care. It’s so absurd to me to be emotionally investing. I really hate admitting that.

The way the characters interacted with each other was weird. Eureka’s interactions with Ander were really strange without much dialogue, and even though Eureka noticed it, she didn’t react in any way that I could have found plausible. Her interactions with Brooks were the same way. She was most normal with Cat, her best friend, but even that was weird to me to some degree. I understood Eureka was dealing with her mom’s death and her new stepmom and everything else, but I just didn’t really think any of her interactions made any sense. I needed her to be more curious, especially in regards to the things she WAS curious about. I mean, there were just too many moments when Eureka leaves a scene without asking questions, even though she wants to know more. I mean, that’s like taking a genuine interest in the homework assignment and then just going home without actually getting instructions on how to do it because you just didn't think.. to ask? I don’t know. Maybe that’s normal, but I need my YA heroines to have more of a… personality/investment in the events/emotions. Most of the story was Eureka just sort of.. floating by without doing/knowing/thinking much of anything.

I don’t actually feel like I knew anyone, even Eureka.

I wish I would have loved Teardrop because I thought it would be so awesome, what with a myth about Atlantis. I even thought that, if the plot itself was lacking, I could at least enjoy the romance, but that was even more disappointing. The only reason I didn’t give it 2 stars was because it ended in a way that left me vaguely curious in future events. With the Fallen series, I was largely disappointed, but found the last book to be awesome, so I’m still hopeful.


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