2014 Eclectic Reader Challenge

hosted by Book'd Out
The Rules:
Read a book in each category in 2014
Click here for more in depth rules.
The Categories:
Award Winning
True Crime (Non Fiction)
Romantic Comedy
Alternate History Fiction
Graphic Novel
Cosy Mystery Fiction
Gothic Fiction
War/Military Fiction
Medical Thriller Fiction
Travel (Non Fiction)
Published in 2014
For Ideas on books in each category, search Listopia at Goodreads
ex: click here for a list that includes Alternate History titles.
See the Eclectic Reader Challenge 2014 post for details and how to sign up.
I've completed 2012 AND 2013, so I'm excited to branch out even more this year and complete another challenge. This is my favorite yearly challenge, as it forces me to read outside of my comfort zone and try new books!
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