My Origami Owl Locket Adventure

On my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I decided to host an Origami Owl party since my friend just got into selling it. It was a blast and I ordered my necklace. I’ve been impatiently waiting on it to arrive and I’m so excited to share it with everyone since it’s definitely bookish!

My Owl and Birthday Party decorations:


Like my friend Nikki’s FB Page: RoudyOwlie Origami Owl Independent Designer!!!!

Nikki’s display (with my lovely owls in the background):


The Box:


The Box contents:



The Charms: I have my Love to Read charm, my coffee cup, my laptop to represent my love of book blogging, my palm tree because I love Florida, the aqua colored heart (that you can’t see very well) because I have the key hanging on the chain, and the post card with I Love You because I love my husband AND if he’s deployed, we write tons of letters/emails.

To see close ups of all of the charms: check out the website!

Me totally excited to finally wear it:

Another close-up of the charms:
And another picture of me wearing it:
I love that I have a totally awesome necklace that represents me AND all of my bookishness and literature. And blogging. And Love. (I guess I need to throw some Art and Reason in there, huh?)

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