Review–Catalyst (Tethered #1) by Jennifer Snyder

Catalyst (Tethered #1)
by Jennifer Snyder
Summary: Sometimes who we really are lies buried just beneath the surface…
After learning she’s inherited a house in the beachside town of Soul Harbor, Georgia, Addison Harmon and her best friend decided to take a much needed vacation before the pressures of life after high school suffocate them too heavily.
But what Addison finds isn’t a chance to recoup from a bad break up and hang out with her best friend while she decides what she wants to do with her future. What she finds is Kace Sullivan—a sexy guy she can’t seem to get enough of—someone who with one touch reveals a seductive world full of magick and secrets Addison isn’t sure she’s ready to be a part of.

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance

Release Date: May 1, 2013

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Source: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.



Catalyst was a fun, action packed, and magickal paranormal book. Despite the fact that it’s New Adult, it was clean and only involved brief mentions of intimacy between the characters and other adult themes. The language was also relatively clean. Many New Adult novels are taking language and intimacy to the next level, which doesn’t bother me, but I love reading the ones that are New Adult based on character age instead of content! In many ways, Catalyst reminded me of a YA paranormal, just with older characters who are on their own for the most part. Still, though Addison was over 18 and living on her own, her adoptive parents were involved in her life, which I enjoyed
It seems as if I’m always searching for books (especially series) to fill the gap that the cancellation of The Secret Circle TV Show left because I love magic and witchy paranormal plots. Catalyst was deliciously magickal, secretive, and enchanting! Addison inherited a house in the town of Soul Harbor from her biological mother. She knew nothing about her biological parents and the mere mention of them seemed to upset her adoptive mother, so she wanted to spend the summer away on her own to make a good decision about keeping the house. Addison’s arrival in Soul Harbor was a big deal to the magickal residents. Much like in The Secret Circle, her presence changed everything in regards to the balance of power. She was the key and she had no idea. Fortunately, she stumbled into Kace, a gorgeous local who had no problem filling Addison in on her heritage and importance. And the electricity between them was magickal, literally and figuratively.

I loved Addison’s character. She was down to earth, friendly, and curious. She wasn’t afraid to ask questions and learn about her magickal abilities and heritage. Kace was a wonderful love interest. He was laid back, open, and honest, which was something I wasn’t expecting. I suppose I expected him to be reserved and mysterious, but I’m glad he surprised me. I liked how the two of them were together, despite the fact that touch seemed to distract both of them. I was just as intrigued as Addison by the magickal qualities of the town and the inhabitants. I loved learning more about it and trying to figure out where Addison fit and what happened with her biological mother. She seemed to be a threat to someone and the target of some sort of revenge or plot. The conflict was interesting and completely unpredictable.

I do wish the book was longer. It wasn’t really slow or all that short, but I was so engrossed in the plot and the characters, before I knew it, the book was over. I wished the book didn’t end quite so soon, but I did like the way it ended and I’m intrigued by what might happen in book #2.

I recommend Catalyst to fans of witchy paranormal novels, both YA and adult. I loved the magical plot and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. It was well written and entertaining. I’m hoping this series will be my go-to Indie witch series because I’m totally enchanted and I sense a series addiction forming. =) I love finishing a book and knowing that you’ve found a series that you’ll probably want to see through the very end! Catalyst has a ton of potential to be a personal favorite.

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