Review–Fall With Me by Bella Forrest

Fall With Me
by Bella Forrest
Release Date: July 15, 2013
Summary: Jill Freyss-Charon is just trying to get through the year. After losing her father in a horrific car accident, she is eager to return to her summer job at a horse ranch where she knows everything will be just as it always is each summer.
But when a tanned young man washes up on the beach outside her tent one night, half-drowned and begging to be given shelter until morning, any hope of normality immediately vanishes.
Jill has dated Griffin Alexander's type before, and soon regrets taking him in when he decides to stay on at the ranch. She finds she is repelled by him, and doesn't believe his crazy story about being kidnapped and held to ransom... until three words escape his lips that send her head into a tailspin.
...Three words that threaten to unravel her painful past and bring her closer to this man she is trying to avoid - which will put her in more danger than either realizes.

Source: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.



I’m a huge fan of Bella Forrest and her YA vampire romance series, so I was excited to check out her New Adult contemporary romance title. Fall With Me was enjoyable and sweet, with a down to earth heroine.

Jill was definitely likeable. She had a good head on her shoulders and wasn’t afraid to work hard. She dealt with quite a bit since her father’s death and was just trying to get through the summer without any more life altering changes. Griffin, on the other hand, was the kind of character you can’t help but like and want to slap him at the same time. He was so sure of himself, easygoing to the point of being careless, and not the kind of person who took like seriously. And Jill was so mean to him after he inserted himself into her life as a camp counselor, which I loved, because I didn’t like his attitude, either.

Griffin slowly grew on me because I knew his intentions weren’t bad and getting his point of view was helpful, too. I loved that he learned a valuable lesson about working hard and being accountable at the same time he started to fall for Jill. It was one of those plots where you just know that everyone is turning into better versions of themselves.

The romance was wonderful because it was slow and fast at the same time. Jill went from hating the idea of Griffin to realizing she needed his help to falling for him on accident. What I love about Bella Forrest’s romances is that while it may take time for the characters to fall for each other, once they do, that’s it. There’s no long drawn out period of time where they fight it while also coming together on occasions and then go back to fighting. I enjoy the push and pull of other novels, but I always find her romances refreshing. There’s always external conflict, but I feel like the characters aren’t afraid to jump in once they get their feet wet despite their issues.

I was torn between a 3 and 4 star rating for a couple of reasons. I enjoyed Jill and Griffin’s romance and the contrast of reading a lighter romance compared to the darker vampire series I’m used to from the author was great and kept me interested. I loved the external plot in Fall With Me, the characters, and the way it ended. However, I almost felt like the conflict was resolved too quickly. I was expecting a little more of a slow resolution and the characters to be a little more unsure of the situation, but once all the cards were out on the table, it was as if everyone had a silent agreement to be totally cool with it. I also wished some of the romantic plot was drawn out a little longer. It was a bit quick from not wanting to kiss each other yet on a few separate occasions, as if they were trying to take things slow, to having sex on their first date. Maybe I’m used to heroines who need a little more time and little more reassurance about their relationship status. I kind of loved the quickness of it, but I also questioned it a little bit and thought it was rushed. I ended up settling for 4 stars because I think I’m comparing the book to A Shade of Vampire series, which I love so much more. 3 stars wouldn’t be fair, because Fall With Me was good and I devoured it in a matter of hours.

I will definitely read more novels by Bella Forrest. I enjoyed Fall With Me overall and would recommend it as a light and enjoyable NA contemporary romance. There's something so addicting about Bella Forrest's books and writing style and I can't seem to put her books down!

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