Book Blogger Confessions–Reading Challenges

hosted by For What It's Worth and Midnyte Reader
Reading challenges:
Do you host or join in any?
What is your success rate on completing them?
Do they keep your reading goals on track, put too many restrictions/pressure on you? 
What do you think makes for a successful reading challenge?
  I have participated in reading challenge both years I’ve been blogging, but I haven’t hosted one. I’ve completed all except for one challenge that I only got 3/4 of the way through. It sucks that I didn’t finish, but I didn’t sweat it too much because it happens and I knew I was waiting until the last minute to complete the 4th book in the challenge.   I usually pick challenges that I know I can complete. Nothing too difficult, time consuming, or expensive. At the same time, I pick ones that challenge me to some degree.   My favorite challenge is the Eclectic Reader Challenge hosted by Book'd Out because it challenges me to try different genres without too much pressure. I have all year to find the right books to fill the categories. I just try to find challenges that will balance out and be fun, challenging, but not put pressure on me.   I also participate in the Goodreads Reading Challenge and pick a number of books to read for the year that I know I can meet. I raise it throughout the year if needed instead of picking a large number that will stress me out. After all, reading should be about quality instead of quantity and goals need to push us just a little bit and not stress us out.   The secret to success is picking challenges that are right for you and your level of motivation and stress. There’s no right answer and there’s no right challenge for everyone. It’s all about what works for you. And have fun with it. It’s not the end of the world to miss a goal and if it bothers you, lower your bar. For example, I entered the Book to Movie challenge hosted by Doing Dewey and signed up for 3 books with their movies for the whole year. I knew I planned on seeing more than 3 in theaters alone this year, but I picked the lowest level so I can raise it later as I go instead of picking the highest and stressing out.

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