Book Blogger Confessions–Evolving

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How long do you see yourself blogging for? Do you think it's ok for a blog to evolve over time?
For example: You may have started out as a book review blog but now your interest is in cooking as well. Do you incorporate that or start over?
I’ve never really thought about it. I suppose I’ll stop blogging once I’m no longer interested in doing so or my schedule changes dramatically and I don’t have time for it. For now, I’m enjoying it. It keeps my reading more organized and I love having a place and community to share my thoughts.

I think it’s great when blogs evolve, whether they start out as other blogs and add in more book stuff or it’s a book blog branching out into other fields. I follow quite a few crafty blogs that participate in some reviews and bookish memes. I enjoy reading the variety, but books are my own forte, so I don’t see myself adding more content. I also see some bloggers run multiple blogs, like a separate recipe or writing blog. I think it would be difficult to manage more than one blog (and devote as much time to them), but I think that’s a choice individuals should make according to their preferences. I follow both mixed blogs and multiple blogs by the same author and I enjoy both equally.

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