Attn Followers: I Am Going On Vacation

To my Readers and Followers:

If you haven’t noticed, my usual 3 to 5 reviews a week has dwindled a bit. Not to worry, it’s not that I haven’t been reading and reviewing. I just haven’t published any of those reviews!

I am going on vacation tomorrow and I won’t be back until the first week of May. I’m spending 2 weeks with my grandmother in Ireland! I’m sure it’ll be fun. However, the day I get back will be a day of rest because I’ll have to drive the next day behind my husband in the moving truck and then spend the next couple of days/weeks unpacking and settling into our new home in a new state.

Busy times, I know. It’s all happening at once! I'm not sure how it ended up like this, but all will be normal soon!

Fortunately, all of my reading and reviewing in advance has paid off.

I was able to line up enough reviews so that you guys will see about 1 to 2 reviews a week until the first or second week of May (by which time I should be able to post again.) I also have a few meme posts lined up that I could do ahead of time, like Top Ten Tuesday.

Bear with me while I adjust to this crazy shift in my life! I’m just glad I have some stuff lined up so it won’t be completely quiet while I’m gone.

I’ll respond to any comments and what not when I get back and moved. I’ll be back to normal by mid-May.