Review–Legacy (The Time Weaver Chronicles #2) by Thomas A. Knight

Legacy (The Time Weaver Chronicles #2)
by Thomas A. Knight
Summary: Once upon a time...
...a warrior of light defeated an insane wizard, but behind every heroic story lies a truth never told.
A man washes ashore on the island of Arda after a terrible storm, remembering nothing but his name: Krycin. The blue wizard Gladius finds him, takes him in, and is determined to help Krycin regain what he's lost.
The Fates have other plans. Krycin's presence on Galadir is disrupting the fabric of the universe. The solution? Eliminate him, by any means necessary. When Gladius sides with the council, his efforts to destroy Krycin spark a war that threatens all life on Galadir.
In order to save himself and what remains of his people, Krycin must defeat Gladius, but time is running out. Every step Krycin takes to destroy Gladius makes things worse, and now a massive army is marching on Findoor. Krycin must come up with a way to defeat Gladius before it's too late, and forge his legacy for the future of Galadir.

Source: I received a digital copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.



I absolutely love The Time Weaver Chronicles. The story is so fascinating, well written, and while it has a lot of fantasy elements that I know and love, it also has new and unique elements that make it even more interesting.

When I first started Legacy, I was confused because I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be a prequel, so for a bit, I felt like I was missing something. I expected the story to continue where The Time Weaver ended, but instead, I got something else. With a story all about WEAVING TIME, I shouldn’t have expected a linear story that always follow a timeline at all, so what was I thinking?! The events in Legacy were sort of similar to a prequel, but also came around full circle to the ending of The Time Weaver. While it was a bit confusing at first, I think it was brilliant and the overall effect was important. In the end, it was well executed, regardless of my initial thoughts.

Legacy told the story of Krycin and Gladius. Bits and pieces of the legend were given in The Time Weaver, but there was still so much I didn’t know. It was incredible to see Galadir before Seth arrived in The Time Weaver and watch the events unfold the way they did. Gladius was such an incredible villain! He was consumed by all this rage and hunger for power and he did some of the most incredible things with it. I mean, obviously I wasn’t rooting for him, but I really appreciated his character and his evolution from friend to foe. In my opinion, Gladius is up there with the other famous awesome villains, like Darth Vader of Voldemort. And of course, there were some twists in Gladius’ story, too.

Krycin was a wonderful character, heroic but also normal. He reminded me a lot of Seth, partly because of how much trouble he had being a hero. The Krycin I heard of in the legends in The Time Weaver seemed like he always knew what he was doing, but the real Krycin was full of self doubt, like any good hero. He was always wondering if he was doing the right thing, but he was tough at the same time.

I love how the author weaved such complex characters. Even though there’s a villain and a hero, neither characters are predictable or cookie-cutter in any way. There’s so much more depth there. The Time Weaver Chronicles have captured all of the elements complexities I love about fantasy. It’s not often that I pick up a fantasy novel, but when I do, I realize just how much I love the genre and the author has done a marvelous job with these books. Seriously, I could gush about how much I love the storyline and characters for hours. I wish I could go on, but I feel like anything I say about the plot is a spoiler, especially because I don’t know how to talk about the beginning after knowing the ending. But it’s good.

“Heroic deeds never feel that way when they happen. You could have done nothing and allowed the atrocity to happen.”

“When darkness falls on the world, we must all be heroes in our own way, even it if means doing nothing so that the sun may rise again another day.”
If you love fantasy, The Time Weaver Chronicles is a must read. I definitely recommend it.

Even though this is totally unrelated to my actual review, when I opened up Legacy to read, I saw this and had to share:

I had no idea this was going to happen and it’s so amazing because
B. It’s a book that I freaking love!
C. It’s such an awesome quote, I’m surprised I even came up with it.

And fortunately, the sequel was just as awesome as the first book in the series. I can’t wait for the next one.

Legacy, Book Two of The Time Weaver Chronicles, released March 1, 2013.

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