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This week’s question:
Confess your blogger sins! Is there anything as a newbie blogger that you’ve done, that as you gained more experience you were like — oops?
When I started book blogging, I looked up a lot of stuff before actually posting anything besides reviews so I wouldn’t make drastic mistakes. Most of my mistakes were not doing things, like waiting forever to use social media, learning how to make my blog look nicer, not being afraid to connect with other bloggers, saying no to review requests, and stuff like that.

I do regret choosing my blog name and having it differ from my URL. I chose a blog name that represents me, but I wish I would have chosen one that was shorter and easier to use when there are character limits, like with twitter. I wish it was wittier, more bookish, and I wish it was the same as my URL. By the time I figured out all this, I was already a part of the community with followers and regular commenters and I was finally active on twitter. I thought it was too late to really change something as drastic as a blog name or URL. I chose my blog name when I still wasn’t sure what I’d be blogging about and my blog name was Megan and my only followers were 4 of my friends. Oh well.

Also, when I first started blogging, before I even had 4 of my friends following me, I made the mistake of ranting instead of writing a good post about something. Fortunately, my blog was private and only I saw it, but I realized no one ever wants to read rants. If you aren’t calm enough to type a well thought out post, it will look like angry scribbles to anyone who reads it. This wasn’t a huge mistake because no one ever saw it, but I did a couple of days later and cringed. It was something I won’t forget and I think about it anytime I’m emotional about a subject. The lesson is good for smaller things like social media, too. If I’m mad, I think about how to say what I want in the least amount of characters and by the time I’ve figured out the best way to word it, I realize I don’t even want to post it anymore. Keeps me from looking angry and ridiculous on any Internet forum!

What newbie mistakes have you made?

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