Booking Through Thursday–Mood Reading

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This week’s question:

Does your current mood affect your reading? Affect your choices?
I know there are plenty of books I enjoy, but only if I’m in a particular kind of mood–or books that can lift me out of a bad mood without fail. Surely I’m not alone?
My mood doesn’t really affect my reading. I can’t read when I’m mad, but I can read at any other time and it doesn’t matter what I’m reading as long as it is good.

What I’m in the mood to read affects my reading, obviously. Sometimes, I want to read an awesome romance complete with love triangles and angst and other times, I can’t get through one and I want something with adventure or intelligent concepts. But YA books often bring these two things together for me by having a wonderful concept and adventure with romance and a bit of angst peppered into it, which is lucky.

By hopping all over the place with genres, I’m typically always surprised and I find that a funny or cute story lifts my spirits and ends up being exactly what I needed without me realizing it. Or an emotional contemporary twists my heartstrings and I realize I needed that book in my life at that moment.