Top Ten Tuesday–Auto-Buy Authors

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Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors
This is a tough one for me because I’m not all that loyal to specific authors. I mean, I totally love and support many authors, but even if I trust their writing, a synopsis still has to interest me enough to want to read a book. However, I suppose there are some authors I would most likely buy without knowing what the next book was about.

1. John Green. Known for: The Fault In Our Stars, Looking for Alaska.

So far, I’ve liked everything I’ve read by him. He takes the sorts of tragedies I normally don’t want to read about and makes me want to read about them.

2. Lauren Oliver. Known for: Before I Fall, The Delirium Trilogy.

I fell so in love with Before I Fall that I currently own the Delirium series and pre-ordered the 3rd book without reading it. My love of dystopian fiction combined with my love of her writing made it a no-brainer for me.

3. Kristin R. Campbell. Known for: The Lunangelique series.

I am such a huge fan of the Lunangelique series. By getting to know the author and communicating with her and sharing book recommendations, I totally trust her in a bookish way. She hasn’t steered me wrong with any book, so I would buy any book she ever writes. There’s just no way I’ll hate it.

4. Cassandra Clare. Known for The Mortal Instruments Series, The Infernal Devices Trilogy.

I’ve only read the first 3 books of the the Mortal Instruments series, but the world building impressed me. The fact that she took a 3 book series and was able to expand both forward and backward on it is awesome and I’d probably read anything she wrote.

5. Tahereh Mafi. Known for: The Shatter Me Series.

While I’ve only read two of her books in the same series, her ability to make me fall in love with a psychopathic villain has convinced me that she holds the key to my heart in fiction and I’d read anything she wrote, including her hilarious tweets.

6. Chuck Palahniuk. Known for Fight Club, Invisible Monsters.

I don’t really read the synopsis of a book by him anymore. I just know that I’m in the mood for one of his books. So he’s a definite auto-buy author for me. Sometimes, I just need his writing in my life.

7. Ally Condie. Known for: The Matched Trilogy.

Her poetic way of writing is something I fell in love with and I’m sure I’d read a book of hers without knowing what it was about.

8. Maggie Stiefvater. Known for: The Wolves of Mercy Falls series, The Raven Boys.

I loved The Raven Boys so much, I want to devour everything of hers.

9. Alexandra Bracken. Known for: The Darkest Minds series, Brightly Woven.

While I’ve only read The Darkest Minds, I loved it enough to go buy the hardcover even though I already read it. That’s something I don’t really do because I’m not a book collector. I just want to read a book and owning it has never really been important to me. But I needed to own The Darkest Minds badly.

10. Stephenie Meyer. Known for: The Twilight Saga, The Host.

I bought a digital copy of The Host after reading it through the library, which is something I rarely do. I’m not in love with the author quite as much as many other authors, however, I would read anything Meyer writes, if only because I know everyone else will, too, and I’m just curious. But I’ve certainly never hated a book of hers.

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