Top Ten Tuesday–Settings I’d Like To See More Of


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Top Ten Settings I’d Like To See More Of

1. Places I’ve Lived. I can’t help but get super excited when a book is set somewhere I’m really familiar with. Lunangelique by Kristin R. Campbell was set in Virginia Beach, VA and I lived there for 2 years. I’ve lived in many places because of my family growing up and my husband now being military, so I figure the odds are in my favor to pick up books set in places I’ve lived.

2. Alaska. I’ve read a couple of books set in Alaska and I’m intrigued by the scenery. Life is so different there than what I’m used to and I feel like I learn something new every time I read a book set somewhere in Alaska.

3. Small Towns. Right now, I live in Georgia and I’m surrounded by small towns. I live in one right now and each of the towns has a certain characteristic or charm about it. I love seeing so many movies and shows filmed in the area (like The Walking Dead). I think small towns are full of so much mystery and charm and are the perfect setting for many paranormal stories.

4. Other planets. I might be wrong, but I noticed that for a large chunk of time in recent history, science fiction authors were enchanted by Mars. I absolutely love Ray Bradbury’s stories about Mars. Maybe it’s just me or maybe the magic of Mars isn’t there now that we’ve done so many explorations there, but I feel like not as many books are set on other planets and I feel like less people are enchanted by Mars and other planets as the science fiction writers of previous decades.

5. Space. I love that there are some YA books set on spaceships. I need to read them. Because I love space and I think it’s an awesome setting.

6. Mt. Olympus & the Underworld. I LOVE Greek mythology. I absolutely adore YA novels that incorporate elements of mythology into a supernatural story. I have no idea why I’m so enchanted by Greek/Roman mythology, but I think it’s awesome when characters have to enter the Underworld or stand in front of the Gods of Mt. Olympus.

7. Bookstores. As book geeks, I think we can all appreciate stories that incorporate reading and going to bookstores. I’d love for cool things to happen inside of one. I’ve love to see more YA contemporary romances involving meeting at bookstores or something.

8. A fictional world. I’m all about other worlds that bend the rules. It’s part of why I love fantasy so much. I love to see magic and supernatural elements in the real world, but I’m also partial to new worlds where all sorts of wonderful magic exists, where authors can be incredibly creative. I love when they have strange entrances, like the wardrobe to Narnia or the platform to the Hogwarts train.

9. The future. There are tons of dystopian, post apocalyptic, and science fiction books set in the future, whether near or far. But I can’t get enough, so I always vote for more.

10. The past. I’m really picky about historical novels for some reason. But there are periods of time that I love reading about, like the WWII era. I’d like to read more books set in the past, whether in the distant past, a fictional past, or past events of significance. But I’d kind of like to avoid the Victorian era. I know, I know, it’s a favorite setting for most people, but I’m kind of sick of it. It’s never really been my “thing” at all.

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