Review–Entangled (Spellbound #1) by Nikki Jefford

Entangled (Spellbound #1)
by Nikki Jefford
Summary: Two months after dying, seventeen-year-old witch Graylee Perez wakes up in her twin sister Charlene’s body.
Until Gray finds a way back inside her own body, she’s stuck being Charlene every twenty-hour hours. Her sister has left precise instructions on how Gray should dress and behave. Looking like a prep isn’t half as bad as hanging out with Charlene’s snotty friends and gropey boyfriend.
The “normals” of McKinley High might be quick to write her behavior off as post-traumatic stress, but warlock Raj McKenna is the only person who suspects Gray has returned from the dead.
Now Gray has to solve the mystery of her death and resurrection and disentangle herself from Charlene’s body before she disappears for good.
***Entangled is a young adult paranormal fantasy romance suitable for ages 15 and up.***

Source: I purchased a digital copy of this book for Kindle.



I’ve had Entangled on my TBR shelf for awhile, but I finally decided it was time to read this book. I’m glad I did because I ended up reading this book in one sitting! The cover is absolutely gorgeous, too.

Entangled is a quick read. I immediately figured out the personalities of the characters because the writing projected them so well. It’s a light and spunky narration that is certainly geared towards teens, but isn’t annoying or overdone and was enjoyable to read even as an adult. Entangled was also a fun read. The characters are totally over the top and overdramatic and some of them are quite psychotic, but the book is written in such a way that the exaggerated acts and emotions aren’t all that complex or serious, but fun and interesting.

The plot was action packed, with witches, a Freaky Friday scenario gone wrong, catty girls, young romance, betrayal, and drama. I liked the storyline and I didn’t find it to be all that predictable. The story had the potential to be deeper, more complex, and grittier and would have made a great serious read. I think if that’s what you are expecting or looking for, it’s probably disappointing. However, if you go into it expecting or hoping for a lighter, more entertaining story, it’s absolutely wonderful and enjoyable.

It was the perfect read for me right now and exactly what I was looking for. I definitely recommend the book and I can’t wait to read the second in the series!

Entangled is currently FREE for Kindle right now.
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