Book Blogger Confessions–2013 Blogging Goals


hosted by: Midnyte Reader & For What It's Worth

Q: Happy 2013! What are your blogging goals for the new year? Are you making any changes or testing out new ideas for reviews or organization? Have you joined any challenges?
What are the trends you noticed in blogging from 2012 and what do you hope to see for the blogging community in 2013?

I’m not going to be making a whole lot of drastic changes, but I did sign up for some great challenges for the year.

I’m trying to remember to do things on my reviews like mentioning how I received the book and labeling each post so they are better organized and easier to find. I’m hoping to do some more blog tours and fun things like giveaways, too.

And I’m trying to learn how to say no to requests if I’m not all that interesting or too busy to fit any more books in.

2012 was my first year of book blogging and I’ve made lots of changes all through the year and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

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