Review–Stolen (Cinderella’s Secret Diaries #2) by Ron Vitale


Stolen (Cinderella’s Secret Diaries #2)

by Ron Vitale

Summary: For ten years, Cinderella has raised her daughter on her own in America. But a mysterious witch hunter finds her and gives her a message that the Faerie Queen, Mab, searches to destroy her and he asks her to return to England. Fearing that she will be pulled back into the maelstrom of war sprouting throughout Europe, Cinderella flees and wishes to remain free. Yet with Napoleon now Emperor of France and the pawn of Queen Mab, only England still resists him. Pestilence and War have sprouted throughout Europe and Cinderella’s magic powers are needed to defeat Napoleon. The further Cinderella runs from her fate, the more she is drawn back. Her long lost love, Henri, is still ever in her mind and in running she learns of a dark secret that forever changes her and sets her off on a course she might never survive.



The sequel to Cinderella’s Secret Diary was full of action and twists and magic. It picks up 10 years after the events in book one and is no longer written in diary/letter format, as it’s no longer necessary. The change in how it was written didn’t take long to get used to, especially because the story seemed to go at a much faster pace than the first book.

The plot in Stolen is crazy. So much happens and I never knew who I could trust and who had ulterior motives. It was definitely a roller coaster ride. The use of magic is a major part of the story, from meeting in dreams to using the body of someone else to traveling through time. It was intriguing to see Cinderella and her family have some really cool abilities. It was also interesting to see history mixed with magic and fairy tales in a pretty complicated plot.

What I liked the most about the first book in the series was seeing Cinderella grow and learn more about herself and I was glad to see her growing in this book, too. While she continued to make some mistakes, her character changed and she met lots of other characters and ended up in various situations along the way. I never would have imagined Cinderella having so much depth and changing so much from her fairy tale self. Being able to see her story unfold after the “happily ever after” is what interested me in this series and her adventures don’t disappoint.

Stolen was well written and action packed. The only reason I didn’t rate it a full 5 stars is because there was almost too much going on and so much thrown at me, especially regarding everyone’s allegiances and abilities. I will definitely continue reading this series and I recommend it for people who love fairy tale retellings with tons of creativity and originality.