Review–Awakened Gods (Lunangelique #3) by Kristin R. Campbell

Awakened Gods (Lunangelique #3)
by Kristin R. Campbell
Summary: Lexi has fulfilled her destiny and now the gods have awakened, but is that a good thing?
Now, Lexi lives in a world that is on a global collapse. The gods are angry that they have been forsaken and are seeking revenge on humanity. The oceans are in turmoil, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcano eruptions and famine are causing global chaos, and the sun is being held hostage in an astrological phenomenal, never-ending solar eclipse by the avenging Helios.
Then, there is the problem of Zeus’ threat. Lexi must choose between giving herself to him or watching the “abominable” angels die by his hand. Not to mention, Hera, Zeus’ wife, is proposing her own jealous-driven proposition to Lexi: stay away from her husband or the angels and everyone dear to her will die. Lexi sees no way out of either predicaments and it puts a strain on her relationship with Cole. Will she lose him either way?


WOW. I am a huge fan of the Lunangelique series and I’ve loved the first two books a lot. But Awakened Gods was absolutely SPECTACULAR and AMAZING. I didn’t think the series could get any better or more awesome, but it definitely did. It was so incredible, I don’t know if I can write anything coherent!

Awakened Gods was an epic finale. Lunangelique was great, Sleeping Gods became much more complex and wonderful, and Awakened Gods was a brilliant, complex story with so many elements and levels of depth. The ending was absolutely brilliant and I wish I could go into details, but I won’t. It was so perfect and brought everything around full circle and was incredible. It takes a really great book to make me feel the emotions I felt upon finishing it, so I’m impressed.

I couldn’t put this book down and I really didn’t know how things would turn out. It was heartbreaking in so many parts and horrifying in others. The characters grew quite a bit and were changed by their circumstances and I felt like I was given so much more insight into who they all were. Awakened Gods was written from the points of view of Lexi, Cole, and Patryck. I enjoyed them all, but Cole is by far my favorite narrator.

The plot was heavily influenced by Greek mythology and other religions and folklore. The first book reminded me of the Fallen series by Lauren Kate mixed with the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, but as the series progressed, it surpassed both of those comparisons and became something so good and original, I can’t really compare it to anything. I already recommend this series all the time and I will do so even more now that I know how it ends. Awakened Gods is the icing on an already delicious cake and I cannot praise it enough.

The Lunangelique series became one of my favorite series this year. All of the books are available in both digital and paperback format. The covers are gorgeous, too. Feel free to check out Kristin R. Campbell's website at

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