Musing Mondays–Bookshelf Organization


hosted by Should Be Reading

This week’s musing, courtesy of Booking Through Thursday, asks…

How do you organize/store your books? Do you go through them often? Or do you pretty much just shelve them and then leave them alone until you need them?

This question is embarrassing to answer because my bookshelf is such a mess right now. I’m running out of room. Basically, it’s organized by size. It’s not a wide shelf, but for some reason, it’s deep. I can fit a small paperback in front of large hardcovers, or a trade paperback in front of another trade paperback. I’ve tried to keep series together as much as possible, but if I own them in different sizes, it’s close to impossible.

I go through my shelf often, to see if there's another way to “tetris” them all together to make room for new arrivals. Sadly, I think it’s just time to admit I need another shelf. I’m moving sometime in the summer, so I’m trying to wait until that’s over with before adding another piece of furniture to the mix. You’d think I’d purposely buy more books in Kindle format because of this, but no, I’m still out buying physical books like I have room for them!