Musing Mondays–Book Nemesis


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Is there a particular book that is your nemesis–the book you’re determined to one day finish?

No. The only books I’ve never finished are books I wouldn’t care to pick up again. I can’t stand not finishing a book and if I’m struggling to get through something particularly daunting, I try and be optimistic. The most daunting books for me are usually some form of a long, old, classic and have a huge fan base. I tell myself that if so many people love the book, I may find something along the way that I like about it and I won’t know until I finish reading.

Now, because I can’t stand finishing a book, there are tons of classics that I just haven’t read. My main reason for not starting some of them is that they don’t look very interesting to me as far as my taste goes. I’m sure any number of them could be amazing and life changing, but I’m reluctant to start and reluctant to end up one day having a book nemesis that I can’t finish!