Feature and Follow Friday–Choose A Character


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Q: Activity! Who do you want to be? If you could choose any character from a book. What do you think that character looks like and what do you have in common?

This is a tough question because I really don’t want to be anyone else. Also, the one thing I learned from the Inkheart Trilogy by Cornelia Funke is that even if we love a book and love the world and characters, it’s quite a different story when we are face to face with the conflict in the book. I tend to read books with conflicts I definitely wouldn’t want in my life. But for fun, I’ll try and answer the question.


It’s a tie between two characters. I love Clary from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and I find the world absolutely fascinating. I picture Clary more like the book cover (especially when it comes to hair color) and less like the person playing her in the upcoming movie, but that’s probably because the movie isn’t out yet. If I’m going to be a character, though, I’m just going to see myself with some of the character’s features. Besides, I have red hair right now, anyway. I like the supporting characters in the books and would love to have a caring father figure like Luke, a best friend like Simon, and a… friend… like Jace. Also, I would love for vampires and werewolves and other things to exist and have awesome abilities. Like me, Clary is curious and intelligent.


Buttercup from The Princess Bride by William Goldman is my other choice. I love the humorous characters in the story. Also, I love Wesley because he’s honorable and sweet while also being witty and sarcastic, which reminds me of my husband. I think I’d still look like me, but maybe with long princess-y hair or something. I like Buttercup because she believes in love and while others would see that as naïve, I think it’s her best characteristic.