Review–DNF–Lumen by Joseph Eastwood


Lumen (Blood Luminary #1)

by Joseph Eastwood

Summary: On an island separated from society, lived an isolated civilization. These souls who lived by the teachings of the Luminary, held amazing abilities that would cause most mortals to shudder. Some felt this a curse, others a blessing.
Daniel is going through the final transition into his true self. Once complete, he will be able to manipulate the bonds of energy freely and move beyond childish ambitions.
A near-death experience earns him a place in the island's only private school, a privilege he is not allowed to forget. Trying to fit in opens mysteries and troubles beyond his comprehension, and threatens everything he once believed to be true.
Could Daniel be part of something that legends were made of?


Did Not Finish

I’ve been holding off on reviewing this book for awhile. I’ve attempted to restart it a handful of times and I’ve attempted to read on another handful of times and each time, I feel the same way. I’ve never run into a book that left me so stuck before and this is my first time since I started book blogging that I’ve left a book unfinished. It’s been quite a struggle because it’s so rare that I don’t finish a book, even if I don’t like it, but I need to move on and at least review the 30% of the book that I read.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I will not rate this book with stars since I didn’t finish, but I will attempt to explain what I liked and disliked about the book.

The synopsis grabbed me immediately. I love elements of fantasy and magic in stories and I was looking forward to reading this book. Unfortunately, the writing didn’t pull me in and found myself struggling to get into the story the entire time. I expected the world to be strange because it isn’t our world, but I struggled to understand what was happening and I think this was due in large part to the way it was written. I didn’t feel like the descriptions and actions flowed correctly and each transition felt really awkward to me. I felt completely disconnected from the world and the characters.

As I continued and Daniel made his way to the private school, I thought perhaps it would improve, but I felt just as disconnected and the scenes were just as awkward to me, even reading through them multiple times. After getting to roughly 30% of the way through multiple times, I just had to give up. The premise still interests me, which is probably why I tried so hard and so many times to get through it, but it just didn’t deliver. The book has gotten wonderful reviews so far, so I’m wondering if it’s just me, but that’s how I felt each time I attempted to get further in this book.

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