Review–Covet by Melissa Darnell


Covet (The Clann #2)

by Melissa Darnell

Summary: Dangerous to be together. Painful to be apart.Savannah Colbert knows she broke up with Tristan Coleman for the right reasons. Most of all, to keep from killing him with her new vampire abilities. But try telling her heart. Now, lost in a sea of hostile Clann faces, Sav tries to come to terms with what she's becoming and what that means for her future. And that someone is doing their best to bully her into making a terrible mistake.
Tristan can't believe Sav won't even talk to him. If being apart is her decision, fine. Just don't expect him to honor it. But even as he prepares to fight for the girl he loves, forces beyond their control take them both in directions neither could have foreseen or prepared for.
A reckoning is coming…and not everyone will survive.



I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

When I requested to read this book, I had no idea it was a sequel. This has now happened to be twice so you can be sure I’ll pay closer attention to that in the future. I read a few reviews of the first book so I could get a feel for what happened and began reading. Fortunately, I didn’t feel lost while reading book two, despite the fact that it began right where book one ended. There was enough recapping for me to get comfortable with the story immediately.

The narration switched between Savannah and Tristan every so often, which I liked because I got to know both characters pretty well and both of them had such different perceptions of one another after the breakup. I thought the narration worked well and I felt like I had a wider view of all of the characters. Savannah is half vampire, half witch. Her father is a vampire and her mother is a witch. Tristan is a part of the Clann, practicing magic. Unfortunately, the Clann hates vampires and the vampire council isn’t too fond of the Clann and they definitely don’t trust each other.

The only issue I had with the book is that it was one of those paranormal YA books that feels so… teenager-y to me. It was done well and wasn’t badly written, but it was a bit focused on going to school and the plot was a tad predictable to me, as I waited for Sav and Tristan to figure it out. I always find it so difficult to explain it when I run into books that are like this for me. Yes, I know I’m reading YA and it is going to involve teenagers, but some books feel more teenager-y to me than others. This is one of those YA books that I would recommend to people that LOVE YA and not to people that aren’t all that fond of YA or are skeptical about it. It definitely isn’t one of those books that blurs the line or takes you by surprise or gets you into YA if you aren’t already into it.

I would definitely recommend this book to people that are into paranormal YA’s, such as the House of Night series. It’s interesting and I liked the characters and the way it ended had me wanting to pick up the next book immediately.