Happy October

Some updates:

I am so glad it is finally October! I’ve been looking forward to the fall for awhile.

I apologize for my lack of posts last week. I ended up having company for a few days out of the blue and whenever I have non-reader company, it’s difficult to find time to post and read without being rude.

My birthday came and went at the end of September and I’m now 25. It always sort of sneaks up on me so I didn’t have anything planned. I got to go to the bookstore and grab a few books I’ve been meaning to read, but haven’t gotten around to yet. I also upgraded my cell phone, so now I know what it’s like to have 4g speeds. It’s kind of awesome.


In front of the bookstore (with my new phone)


I also bought City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, but it wasn’t in the picture.


This past weekend, my husband and I decided to quit smoking. Going on day #4 and I’m doing alright.

My husband took me and my friend “Alice” to see Hotel Transylvania, which I thought was absolutely awesome. It was funnier than I expected and I forgot it was an Adam Sandler movie, which was a good thing.


This will be a crazy month for me since my small town has it’s annual festival this month. My dad is going to be performing stand up comedy for the first time ever, so I’m flying out to see him this month. I’m excited about that. I have tons of books to read so I can start getting caught up again. And hopefully staying busy will keep me on the path of not smoking!!!

This month, I’ll be participating in a couple of blog tours, so that will be fun. I have tons of books to read, so look forward to more reviews! Also, if you haven’t poked around the blog, I’ve made a few changes to the layout by adding pages. All of my reviews are now organized in one spot for easy access along with the author interviews I’ve done. There’s also a page for the 2012 challenges I’ve been participating in. Also, since I’ve been catching up on popular YA series, keep checking the left sidebar for new additions to my favorite series and teams, all of which are created at I'm Loving Books. There is a huge selection of banners to choose from and I add more each time I read a popular YA series.

This is my favorite time of year =) Hope everyone is enjoying October so far!