Feature and Follow Friday–Writing Tricks


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Q: What writing device or trick most irritates you when reading a book? For example, if an author employs an omnipotent narrator that is sometimes considered bad form.

Honestly, while many things can get on my nerves, if a device is executed well, it doesn’t bother me.

I like love triangles when they work and make sense and aren’t completely aggravating. 

I like love at first sight because I’m a total champion for it because I’ve experienced it at 17 and I’m still married now. It’s not about some hot dude or lust or motive or immaturity but the connection between two people unrelated to attraction. But I only like it it if it is done correctly and it isn’t cheesy or unbelievable or about looks.

I don’t mind multiple points of view or tons of characters as long as it’s written well and I can follow it.

I don’t mind stream of consciousness as long as it’s interesting and makes sense and works.

Even choppy sentences and weird styles of writing or long and flowing descriptions don’t bother me.

But if any of these are not well done, they irk me a lot. I feel like the bottom line is that a story should be well written. It’s only when it’s not that certain things stick out to me.

The only thing I can say I dislike almost all of the time is when YA books are too juvenile.

When the entire narrative gives me this whole “and like totally” vibe, I’m usually aggravated. But it’s because I’m an adult. I like to read YA that I can brag about reading, that’s well written and descriptive. I don’t like to read YA that sounds too much like a teenager talking. That kind of writing alienated me as a teenager and it certainly isn’t doing anything for me as an adult. And it’s especially annoying in the books dealing with dystopian societies or some crazy circumstance that requires thought processes far beyond sneaking around behind your parent’s back and going off on adventures with some dreamy hot dude. I want my YA characters to have substance and be able to think and handle things. Basically, I want to hold a YA book in my hand and not cringe if someone asks me about it in public!