Feature and Follow Friday–Usual Genre


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Q: When you step out of your USUAL genre what do you like to read? Best books in that genre?

My reading tastes are so wide and all over the place, I’m trying to figure out what my USUAL genre even is…

I suppose lately it’s YA fiction. I’ve been trying to catch up with must read YA series and so that’s the bulk of my reading these days. If I’m not reading a YA, I like to read pretty much anything from horror to fantasy to literary fiction. I can’t even name the best books in the other genres because there are so many and even more that I haven’t discovered yet.

Honestly, there are so many books from various genres that have been great and have made an impact on me. It wouldn’t be fair to name just a few because it leaves others forgotten. The main thing I’ve learned reading so many different kinds of books is that it’s not very easy to judge a book by the cover or genre and there may be something in it that changes you in some ways or catches you off guard.  

I think it’s great when people know what they like and stick to certain genres, but I could never seem to do that! Books are like life and I can’t just stick to the same old routine!