Review–Kaleidoscope by E.J. Barnett (Poetry)

by E.J. Barnett
Summary: Kaleidoscope is a collection of prose and poetry that takes a glimpse at our lives, reflecting back our dark secrets as well as our beautiful dreams. Just as a real kaleidoscope emerges in a collage of ever-changing colorful patterns, the flowing poetry in Kaleidoscope changes its words, portraying a stained glass image of our lives. The words continually float from dark to light, exposing a prism of our inner fears and hopes. The entire collection is about how different situations in our life affect each of us, says author E.J. Barnett. "I am inspired by the spirit within, simplicity and children." Her words evoke images that will stay with you long after the last page is read. "E.J. Barnett stands far from the tenebrous poetry of this generation. She brings light to her pages and makes us feel better about our future." - Bobby Dews, writer in residence at Andrew College, Cuthbert, Georgia, and former Atlanta Braves coach "Intriguing for lack of a better word. E.J. speaks with a clear inner voice on the reflections of life." - Ralph W. Hill, Airport Operations Manager, Landside, Port of Oakland, Aviation Division, Oakland, California "The words of E.J. Barnett are vivid, moving and draw me in. Her work is insightful and awakens all my senses." - Kim Parker, MSPT (master's in science physical therapy) E. J. Barnett of Phoenix is a flight attendant. Her next book is titled The House That Jack Built, the Hen House, a collection of short stories based on her childhood. "I grew up with ten sisters and two brothers (hence the title), in rural Phoenix in the forties and fifties." Website



My friend “Alice” has known the author throughout her life and let me borrow this book to read and review honestly.
I loved this book. Poetry is one of those tricky things for me. Poems either resonate with me or they don’t, making poetry difficult for me to review. Fortunately, these poems spoke to me and I enjoyed each and every one of them.
The book is separated into three sections: Life, Love, and Legacy. I enjoyed this, as each of the sections had poems relating to the subjects. I was also pleasantly surprised to see the poems in the Love section were not just romantic love, but family and friends, too. The poems were well written and some of them so powerful I had to stop reading and let it sort of soak in.
It would be incredibly difficult to choose a favorite poem because I loved so many of them. Even the poems that I couldn’t relate to were written in such a way that I felt like I better understood the issue. There was one poem, near the end, entitled “The Sacred Baton” that almost left me in tears. It told a story and though it was not a long poem, the storytelling was simply incredible and I had no idea what to expect. As it dawned on me what was happening to the people in the poem, I was in awe. I can’t really explain it without completely spoiling the poem, but I loved it. Another wonderful, though short, poem was “Solitude” and it spoke to me.
“Laughing in rhythm With the humming bird Floating on the wings of time.” Insoon
“There are times that I ache Knowing I cannot stop Loving the empty footprints.” Ghost
E.J. Barnett’s poetry conveys so many emotions and deal with a wide range of issues, from love and depression to children and family. It took me on a journey and left me curious. The synopsis mentions the author is currently working on a short story collection based on her childhood and I’m definitely interested in reading and discovering more about her life through her wonderful storytelling.
I would definitely recommend this book.