Musing Mondays–Hobbies


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This week’s musing –courtesy of– asks…

Do you have any hobbies outside of reading?
Or do you collect anything?

Yes, I have hobbies outside of reading. Most of them are hobbies I do with my husband. He’s always getting into new shenanigans all the time. Right now, we spend a lot of time shooting rifles and getting into long range (1000+ yards) shooting. I enjoy it a lot.

I love inshore saltwater fishing in the flats of Tampa Bay, FL. My husband and I frequently take fishing trips throughout the year. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I love being out on the boat. The water is really shallow and you can see the schools of fish under it. It’s not the kind of fishing where you drop your line in and wait. It’s all about hunting the schools and being quiet and moving around. And the sunrises and sunsets are beautiful out on the water.

Before we got into rifle shooting, we brewed our own beer. We made great beer, but we stopped because we aren’t big drinkers and didn’t really have enough people to drink it as fast as we were making it. Because we move a lot, due to my husband being in the military, it was difficult to have a nice set up for brewing and it’s something we’ll get back to once we are able to set up something permanent.

We’ve been into archery and both have traditional bows that we shoot on occasion.

I also dabble in writing occasionally, but I haven’t really done anything concrete with it. I also love taking pictures, but I haven’t really called myself a photographer or gotten any high end cameras or anything. For now, it’s just a small hobby. I always have a camera and I always find cool things to take pictures of.

I don’t collect anything because I’ve never really seen the point. When I was younger, I started collecting a lot of Marilyn Monroe figurines, but I stopped just a few years later. I need something more active for a hobby. I could say that I collect guns, but I don’t feel like it counts because I’m using them!

Reading will always be the hobby I stick to the most. Not only is the most cost efficient hobby in terms of keeping me busy, but it’s just my favorite.