Top Ten Tuesday–Glimpse of Myself


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Top Ten Posts I Think Gives You A Glimpse of ME

1. From Anti-E-Books to Kindle Lover in Three Weeks This post shows the history of my reading and why I never wanted an E-reader to now, when I love mine.

2. The Downward Spiral of True Blood It’s not often that I rant (and actual publish said rant), but I had to get this out to the world. Maybe it just makes me look like a True Blood hater, but I think I have some strong points here.

3. Crime and Punishment Review I think my bad rating for this book had to do with a poor translation, but I think I explain myself really well in this review.

4. Review: World War Z by Max Brooks I think books that I love and books that I hate reflect me better in my reviews. I don’t have to think so hard about how to word my reviews if I feel strongly about a book. I loved this one.

5. The Taker Review This is one of the first reviews that I talked about what other people were saying. After this, I made it a point to skim some other reviews of books to help me in writing my review.

6. Top Ten Tuesday - All Time Favorite Characters I think who we love in literature can help others see more of who we are.

7. Remembering my First Author Review Request This post was all about reflection.

8. ReRead, Review, and Challenge - Twilight by Stephenie Meyer This has to be one of my longest reviews, but I had so much to say about it and how I’ve connected with the characters and why I feel the way that I do about this book.

9. Nobel Prize I ask what makes a good book and why.

10. Books and Tears I think finding out what books have made an emotional impact on people can give you some insight into who that person might be.

I’m going to add in my About Me page, too, because, well… it’s about me.

This has to be one of the most difficult Top Ten Tuesdays I’ve ever had to compile!