Review–Vampire Summer by Alexia Foxx (Not suitable for readers under 18)


Vampire Summer

by Alexia Foxx

Summary: Annie's been out of school for a year now and things aren't going at all how she imagined. She's stuck at a dead end job and the summer heat is wearing her thin. But a chance encounter at midnight with two very cold blooded siblings might be just what she needs to cool off. Assuming it doesn't kill her.
This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages.


4 star

I downloaded a copy of this book via Smashwords. This book is classified as adult erotica.

I have to admit, I pretty much suck at figuring out how small or large a book is based on word count, which is all I had to go on at Smashwords. I was surprised at how short this story was, but it was definitely enjoyable. It’s more of a scene than a book, but a very intense and well written scene.

When I finished, my first thought was Now THAT was a good scene. Take that, Fifty Shades. It was well written, descriptive, intense, and interesting.

My only criticism is that I wished it were longer and more of an in depth story than an encounter.

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