Review–The Cosmic Purr (Book of Poetry)


The Cosmic Purr

by Aaron Poochigian

Summary: The Cosmic Purr is the first collection of original poetry from Aaron Poochigian, well-known for his translations of Sappho, Aeschylus, Aratus and Apollonius of Rhodes. From the mythical to everyday themes, from the landscape of North Dakota to scenes in a bar, at a marriage ceremony, before birth or before death, Poochigian's verse is enlightened by uncommonly fresh wisdom, and deployed in the delightfully masterful, elegant and naturally-flowing metrical forms his translations are known for.


3 star

There is no dispute that Aaron Poochigian is a wonderful poet. His talent is obvious in each line of each poem. The reason I gave this book 3 stars instead of 4 or 5 is that none of the poems spoke to me. I’m not a huge poetry buff, but if a poem speaks to me in a some way, then I’m sold and I love it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t connect or relate to these poems.

While I didn’t connect with any of the poems, I did appreciate them. They were all very well written and descriptive. On a technical level, each poem was flawless and creative.

I definitely recommend this book of poetry to anyone who enjoys great poetry. If you are like me and need to connect with a poem in order to love it, I would still give this book a chance because the poems in it may resonate with you in ways they did not with me.